Tuesday, 24 March 2009


i feel guilty that i haven't bothered with blogspot much anymore. apart from the '06 stalker incident, something i have always bothered with is a blog. i don't know why people would read it and i don't even , sometimes, know why i do it myself.

so the past few days have been interesting. in a bid to leave the redhead in the past, i opted for a light ash brown colour. erm big mistake, i am blonde and i look ridiculous. i should NEVER be blonde. being naturally dark gives me brown eyes and black eyebrows, blonde hair makes me look like a muppet. literally, like one of the muppets.

so today i am going to venture to boots and go dark again. i haven't been brunette for a while.

my motivation seems to have gone out the window, i find it so challenging to do simple things like walk to the shop. i still haven't brought cat food for vinnie so he has been living on frankfurters for the past 2 days. ahh thats mean. i think i need to go out and sort my life out!


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clemintine darko said...

My dog has been eating tuna for four days now.. It's a change I guess.