Saturday, 25 April 2009

i like-a do da cha cha.

it's 19:40pm. i'm finally chilling out. i haven't listened to music all day, mainly due to the fact that there is a very noise punjab next door blasting his music and there is definitely a microphone involved. my chair is actually vibrating. but it's mainly because i feel actually content with being in a quiet room for once.

we have finally moved house, i have to admit, it was kind of sad saying goodbye to the old flat but my feelings of sadness lasted all of 30 seconds when i remembered all the shit we have been through there. don't get me wrong, there were good times....but i guess the bad ones had more impact and have just impaled themselves into my brain. forever wimbledon will be associated with arguments and betrayal.
the new house is so lovely, i could turn to the left and look out my window right now if i wanted to and see trees and trees. and small children playing with a washing line in the garden next door.

i can also see now how easy it is to get addicted to call of duty. i've been playing it for the past two days and it is very very addictive.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

i'm gonna probe ya, 'cos i'm the intern.

i was in my kitchen a while ago looking for something to eat, i decided to feed the cat because he wouldn't shut up, so i put some biscuits in his bowl. as i stood up my eyes drifted to the wide open windows of the upstairs flat next door ours, to my horror seeing a PENIS. i have not once bumped into my next door neighbours but i guarantee, four days before we are due to move house, i am going to be leaving my house at the exact same time he is and all i will be able to see is his willy.

moving day is on thursday. although we are moving all our big stuff up tomorrow. this means i am having to spend 4 nights sleeping in the spare bed with jade- the most brutal sleeper ever. you wake up with bruises, seriously.

it's 00:30, i've been packing up my stuff, kind of, got bored so quickly so i have decided to get up early and do it.

literally have nothing else to say except patrick swayze roolz, always.