Wednesday, 17 December 2008

I love Christmas

no update for a few days so i will refer back to saturday when we had our little day out to london zoo! jon was the birthday diva and got everyone to get and leave by 9:30am so that we could get a mcdonalds breakfast (which sounds so appetizing right now).

the day out consisted of me wearing shoes with no socks in my own error as it pissed down all day and i felt like i was walking in blocks of ice by 3 o'clock. also discovered my new love for sloths. (pictures from the day can be seen on my myspace/facebook).

knackered by the time we got home, mega chilled and watched the xfactor final. don't really have any comments to make about that except eoghan "egg and ham" is so annoying and if i ever seen him bouncing about my tv screen singing high school musical again, i will hunt him down and cack him.

i was ill yesterday. i find it so hard to shake illness, my tonsils were so swollen i was finding it hard to swallow. i went to see the doctor but she gave me no drugs. i need drugggzzz!!!!

back at work today, and i came in to find a big present on my desk. (from secret santa). normally, i'd be ripping it open by now but i've put it in a bag ready to take home.
this is pretty much the first year i have been saving my presents for christmas day. it is making me looking forward to it alot more.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

question of the day

i got on the bus this morning, the 152. i only had to wait 2 minutes for it. it was busy full of school children. i was stood up and some turkish moroccan looking delight got out of his seat and offered it to me. i'm not disabled or pregnant, i can take standing up on a 4 minute bus ride.

as for my question of the day, something i was contemplating about yesterday is what exactly do ice cream men do in winter? do they transform their vans into hotdog stalls?

also devastated to hear that Woolworths is going. won't some billionaire buy it? where else will i buy my pic n mix from? today is a sad day.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

andy warhol

also thought blog readers would enjoy andy warhol art of the day, now stationed at the right of my page ->

dilemma(s) of the day

how can i keep my hands warm without the use of gloves or pockets? it becomes increasingly difficult to type for the first hour I arrive into work as the days get colder.

why can't i get up early everyday and get on the buses and trains which are half as packed? surely it's worth missing the packed like a sardine feeling?

do i shrug off a few christmas presents for people so I can pay an extortionate £95 for a Morrissey ticket on eBay?

Sunday, 7 December 2008

coke, diet


jon brought me a box of my favorite chocolates. big advantage. disadvantage? i can't stop eating them. they are moreish and i feel sick but just cannot stop myself.

stalkers. no advantages. disadvantages? being stalked.

london. loads of shops, things to do. disadvantages....the london underground and people.

drugs - definitely no advantages, disadvantages are my george michael vinyl is getting worn from having spliffs rolled on his face.

walking through oxford circus yesterday was a nightmare. some fat baffoon stood on the back of my heel. i turned round ready to give the dirtiest 'oh no you didn't' look but was face to face with a big black umbro jacket. i looked up and a bald man with scars on his face was looking down at me.
i said sorry to him.






what kind of world am i living in?! after that being packed into primark for 45 minutes unable to move wasn't an enjoyable experience.

i'm going to watch louis theroux.


Sunday, 30 November 2008


Full of things I don't want to do and decisions I don't want to make.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Day 26

Third day back of work after my terrible illness. And dear god do I wish I was still ill so I wouldn't be suffering from this terrible boredom.

Literally, I'm getting paid to be doing what I'd be doing at home (bar playing quick fire pool - i think it would be taking the piss a bit to play miniclip games at work) - sitting around listening to Saosin and talking on msn and myspace. For the past two days getting home of an evening all I want to do is have a bath and a cuddle with Jon and Vinnie.

Okay so payday is on Friday. But here is my dilemma. I have about £8. £5 of which I need to get to work tomorrow. Do I buy cigarettes and go hungry today, and hungry and cigarette-less tomorrow? Will I be that silly? Probably. A can of diet coke needs to be thrown into the equation as well.

After I get paid this weekend should be cool, going out for din dins with Faye on friday night. HOPEFULLY seeing some Swindon friends on saturday, if they come down. And shop shop shopping.

Little less shallow time now, I have been thinking about the past year and how crazy it's been. On Monday, it's a year since Jon and me started going out. I can't believe it. This time of year really reminds me of how happy I was then. Not that I'm not happy now, because I am. Stupidly happy.

Diet Coke and Cigarettes

Tuesday, 18 November 2008


Oh god, so bored. Currently 9:51am, I've resided to Jade's bed while shes at work because I have been kept up since half 5 from Jon's coughing fits/ elbowing me/ nutting me in his sleep. Ironically, Vinnie who is the usual keeper upper is sleeping like a baby at my feet. Couldn't be bothered to watch Jeremy Kyle this morning.

Still ill which means I am still at home. I did something bad yesterday and got Scrubs series 3, since I was on my own all day and needed to cheer myself up. Oh and a Big Mac. Shhhh.

So I'm laying in Jade's bed (which is soo cosey), with Vinnie, a cup of tea, and Scrubs. And I have the curtains open so I can see how shit it is outside and be glad that the only reason I would need to leave the house is if there is a fire.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Jeremy Kyle and a sick day

I am so disgustingly stinkingly ill. I woke up this morning and thought OH! I actually feel okay. Setting two feet outside the bed and pulling myself onto Earth I actually realized I had a shockingly high temperature, fever, and heart palpitations.

So now it's 9:55 and actually feels like I have been up for hours, I'm doing what any normal person does when they're sick - cuddling up on the sofa watching Jezza and cuddling my kitten. One thing that could make me feel slightly better is getting some tlc from my boyfriend who is still dead to the world and a cuppa - some selfish sod used the last bit of milk which I myself paid for.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

november the fourth

long train journeys are awful. entertainment for my journey completely dissappeared today as my phone battery ran out and the book i was reading was not really any good. there was one copy of the metro someone had left on the train, me and some bloke both dived for it at the same time but he got there first. he could of been a gent really and said, here you have it. he looked like he was enjoying reading his metro and munching his burger king.

oh well. it took me nearly four hours to get home to london from swindon once again. something else that annoys me is how the queue in morrissons is always so huge?! it's hardly any good in there but better than our local co-op.

so me and faye were meant to venture to leeds today but plans fell through at last minute. a bit gutting but theres all the time in the world for road trips.

i don't think i have anything else to say, except amandas rendition of how to cure clamidia (sp?) "you go to the walk in centre and get a little PILLLLL". except in sing song.

ciao xo

Saturday, 1 November 2008

no need for a title

It is absolutley freezing, and I love this time of year. The atmosphere reminds me of last year and how happy I was. But I don't think it compares to how happy I am now.

Halloween was yesterday - not one of my favourite holidays. Reason being, bad stuff tends to happen to me on October 31st ( previous scenarios being car crash, fireworks through the letterbox and police kicking in the front door). But nothing bad seemed to happen yesterday.

I learnt something new about myself though - apparantly I need to scan the room before I start talking, I did a hatrick with putting my foot in it yesterday.

Apart from that, and projectile vomiting on my own bed this morning, it went smoothly. Oh and me and Jon had an argument over the stupidest thing ever which ended in me throwing a kebab (key-bab) out the window, but we had a good laugh about that this morning.

I'm sitting here now not even thinking what I should write. Loneliness affects me in such a way that I dither around like a lost puppy and end up smoking ridiculous amounts out of sheer boredom, then remember I actually have a blog and that I should write in it, with the off chance that someone actually reads this. Although I have only actually been alone for a few hours and Amanda will be home in a minute but I am bored senseless.

I'll end this now with a quote of a quote from my favourite film;
How happy is the blameless vestal's lot, the world forgetting, by the world forgot, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, each prayer accepted, and each wish resigned.


Friday, 24 October 2008

kerry katona, awww

i feel so sorry for kerry katona, seriously never cringed so hard when the pompous gits on this morning were laying into her implying she was an alcoholic. bless her.

anyway i have been so busy and have yet again forgot to update my blog. a boring day to day account is not in order, so yet again i will start from today.
actually lets start from the beginning of this week, when i attempted to get into work and fainted on the train. seriously- so embarrassing. being the centre of attention is like my worst nightmare, and i literally WAS the centre of attention, as in i had a crowd of people around me going OMG YOU OK?!
i soldiered on though. i just did a half day at work, my cough sounds like a small dog barking. a jack russell maybe.

i'm extremely happy right now as jon has his last show on the tour today and i have missed him alot. also pleased about the prospect of having a chilled weekend, just got my mum coming to see me on sunday and thats it! CHILL!

i really fancy a diet coke right now so i think i'll jog off to the shop.

ciao x

Sunday, 12 October 2008

i went to swindon

it's so sad and tragic when people die, especially by means of suicide, but also frustrating as hell when the earwit decides to do it in rush hour so you spend 3 hours on a train that should of taken an hour. it's the most frustrating thing ever not being able to get off and walk.

so that was my journey home- should of taken an hour and a bit but took 4 hours in the end. it was worth it seeing the famiglia and my little cat tommy. the furry bundle of joy. i'm a bit concerned that he isn't getting sufficient amounts of attention, either that or the smelly thing isn't licking himself properly so his fur was all clumpy, i gave him a good brush though which he loved.

it was strange going back to swindon and being in my old home, it reminds me of very nearly one year ago when i was extremely happy as i had just met jon, the weather was getting colder and phil collins was all i listened to.

one thing that never changes is my dad- his life is one ridiculous, cringeworthy scenario after another. too embarrassing to go into detail and things i wish my dad would not tell me for the sake of my own humility.

Friday, 10 October 2008

august to october - a series of events

i retired my livejournal and decided blogspot is now 'where it's at'.

although i hadn't used it for a uneases me a bit that people can read everything about your life. i had a stalker problem once. she will probably read this. or he. not really sure what 'it' is.
the option of setting your profile to private on myspace seems to subside the problem but they seem to always snake their way onto your bulletin board, photos, blogs, msn, everywhere- the sneaks.

so august i made a big bold series of changes to my life. i'm really not the type of person who likes to be doubted- no one does, but when i say i will do something big, i will make damn sure i do it. maybe because i really fear looking like an idiot? i don't know.

anyway, 2008 was full of changes, but the biggest change occured when i decided to pack up and leave my job and get out of swindon.
my main reason for this was i felt like i wasn't doing what i wanted with my life. i was living in a flat with a good friend, but was incredibly unhappy. it felt like work - home - work - home.
having a brother that is a year and a half younger than me and is studying in japan knocked me opened my eyes a bit because he is doing the exact things i wish i had had the patience to do - growing up i think i was more interested in getting the good times with my friends rather than my education.

my job wasn't giving me any opportunities or gateways to success - i don't think the hard work i put in was appreciated enough. thus the big move - i felt i needed to get into the big city where there are a lot more opportunities to be discovered.
by chance, two of my best friends felt the same - if we're being honest, swindon isn't exactly the best place on earth!

so we found a place and moved into our new flat in wimbledon, south west london on august 16th. so far it has been such good times, definetly a good few months with hopefully more to come!

I got a job beginning of september which was in the wonderful place that is covent garden working for hmv. not really the dream job is it? every morning when i woke up, the prospect of going into work, getting crammed onto 3 trains with men in suits who live to work really made me feel quite depressed. luckily for me, this just made me try even harder to look for a job i wanted more- and i got one. i start on monday. it's in kingston as well so NO TUBES! woop.

it's october 10th, a lot has happened and i don't have the patience or energy to document every day on here, but as from now i will keep this up to date. i don't think anyone will read it. but it's kinda nice to chill and write and say exactly what you want to say on your own little piece of the web.

ciao for now xo