Wednesday, 17 December 2008

I love Christmas

no update for a few days so i will refer back to saturday when we had our little day out to london zoo! jon was the birthday diva and got everyone to get and leave by 9:30am so that we could get a mcdonalds breakfast (which sounds so appetizing right now).

the day out consisted of me wearing shoes with no socks in my own error as it pissed down all day and i felt like i was walking in blocks of ice by 3 o'clock. also discovered my new love for sloths. (pictures from the day can be seen on my myspace/facebook).

knackered by the time we got home, mega chilled and watched the xfactor final. don't really have any comments to make about that except eoghan "egg and ham" is so annoying and if i ever seen him bouncing about my tv screen singing high school musical again, i will hunt him down and cack him.

i was ill yesterday. i find it so hard to shake illness, my tonsils were so swollen i was finding it hard to swallow. i went to see the doctor but she gave me no drugs. i need drugggzzz!!!!

back at work today, and i came in to find a big present on my desk. (from secret santa). normally, i'd be ripping it open by now but i've put it in a bag ready to take home.
this is pretty much the first year i have been saving my presents for christmas day. it is making me looking forward to it alot more.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

question of the day

i got on the bus this morning, the 152. i only had to wait 2 minutes for it. it was busy full of school children. i was stood up and some turkish moroccan looking delight got out of his seat and offered it to me. i'm not disabled or pregnant, i can take standing up on a 4 minute bus ride.

as for my question of the day, something i was contemplating about yesterday is what exactly do ice cream men do in winter? do they transform their vans into hotdog stalls?

also devastated to hear that Woolworths is going. won't some billionaire buy it? where else will i buy my pic n mix from? today is a sad day.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

andy warhol

also thought blog readers would enjoy andy warhol art of the day, now stationed at the right of my page ->

dilemma(s) of the day

how can i keep my hands warm without the use of gloves or pockets? it becomes increasingly difficult to type for the first hour I arrive into work as the days get colder.

why can't i get up early everyday and get on the buses and trains which are half as packed? surely it's worth missing the packed like a sardine feeling?

do i shrug off a few christmas presents for people so I can pay an extortionate £95 for a Morrissey ticket on eBay?

Sunday, 7 December 2008

coke, diet


jon brought me a box of my favorite chocolates. big advantage. disadvantage? i can't stop eating them. they are moreish and i feel sick but just cannot stop myself.

stalkers. no advantages. disadvantages? being stalked.

london. loads of shops, things to do. disadvantages....the london underground and people.

drugs - definitely no advantages, disadvantages are my george michael vinyl is getting worn from having spliffs rolled on his face.

walking through oxford circus yesterday was a nightmare. some fat baffoon stood on the back of my heel. i turned round ready to give the dirtiest 'oh no you didn't' look but was face to face with a big black umbro jacket. i looked up and a bald man with scars on his face was looking down at me.
i said sorry to him.






what kind of world am i living in?! after that being packed into primark for 45 minutes unable to move wasn't an enjoyable experience.

i'm going to watch louis theroux.