Saturday, 18 April 2009

i'm gonna probe ya, 'cos i'm the intern.

i was in my kitchen a while ago looking for something to eat, i decided to feed the cat because he wouldn't shut up, so i put some biscuits in his bowl. as i stood up my eyes drifted to the wide open windows of the upstairs flat next door ours, to my horror seeing a PENIS. i have not once bumped into my next door neighbours but i guarantee, four days before we are due to move house, i am going to be leaving my house at the exact same time he is and all i will be able to see is his willy.

moving day is on thursday. although we are moving all our big stuff up tomorrow. this means i am having to spend 4 nights sleeping in the spare bed with jade- the most brutal sleeper ever. you wake up with bruises, seriously.

it's 00:30, i've been packing up my stuff, kind of, got bored so quickly so i have decided to get up early and do it.

literally have nothing else to say except patrick swayze roolz, always.

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