Sunday, 7 December 2008

coke, diet


jon brought me a box of my favorite chocolates. big advantage. disadvantage? i can't stop eating them. they are moreish and i feel sick but just cannot stop myself.

stalkers. no advantages. disadvantages? being stalked.

london. loads of shops, things to do. disadvantages....the london underground and people.

drugs - definitely no advantages, disadvantages are my george michael vinyl is getting worn from having spliffs rolled on his face.

walking through oxford circus yesterday was a nightmare. some fat baffoon stood on the back of my heel. i turned round ready to give the dirtiest 'oh no you didn't' look but was face to face with a big black umbro jacket. i looked up and a bald man with scars on his face was looking down at me.
i said sorry to him.






what kind of world am i living in?! after that being packed into primark for 45 minutes unable to move wasn't an enjoyable experience.

i'm going to watch louis theroux.


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