Friday, 10 October 2008

august to october - a series of events

i retired my livejournal and decided blogspot is now 'where it's at'.

although i hadn't used it for a uneases me a bit that people can read everything about your life. i had a stalker problem once. she will probably read this. or he. not really sure what 'it' is.
the option of setting your profile to private on myspace seems to subside the problem but they seem to always snake their way onto your bulletin board, photos, blogs, msn, everywhere- the sneaks.

so august i made a big bold series of changes to my life. i'm really not the type of person who likes to be doubted- no one does, but when i say i will do something big, i will make damn sure i do it. maybe because i really fear looking like an idiot? i don't know.

anyway, 2008 was full of changes, but the biggest change occured when i decided to pack up and leave my job and get out of swindon.
my main reason for this was i felt like i wasn't doing what i wanted with my life. i was living in a flat with a good friend, but was incredibly unhappy. it felt like work - home - work - home.
having a brother that is a year and a half younger than me and is studying in japan knocked me opened my eyes a bit because he is doing the exact things i wish i had had the patience to do - growing up i think i was more interested in getting the good times with my friends rather than my education.

my job wasn't giving me any opportunities or gateways to success - i don't think the hard work i put in was appreciated enough. thus the big move - i felt i needed to get into the big city where there are a lot more opportunities to be discovered.
by chance, two of my best friends felt the same - if we're being honest, swindon isn't exactly the best place on earth!

so we found a place and moved into our new flat in wimbledon, south west london on august 16th. so far it has been such good times, definetly a good few months with hopefully more to come!

I got a job beginning of september which was in the wonderful place that is covent garden working for hmv. not really the dream job is it? every morning when i woke up, the prospect of going into work, getting crammed onto 3 trains with men in suits who live to work really made me feel quite depressed. luckily for me, this just made me try even harder to look for a job i wanted more- and i got one. i start on monday. it's in kingston as well so NO TUBES! woop.

it's october 10th, a lot has happened and i don't have the patience or energy to document every day on here, but as from now i will keep this up to date. i don't think anyone will read it. but it's kinda nice to chill and write and say exactly what you want to say on your own little piece of the web.

ciao for now xo

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