Sunday, 12 October 2008

i went to swindon

it's so sad and tragic when people die, especially by means of suicide, but also frustrating as hell when the earwit decides to do it in rush hour so you spend 3 hours on a train that should of taken an hour. it's the most frustrating thing ever not being able to get off and walk.

so that was my journey home- should of taken an hour and a bit but took 4 hours in the end. it was worth it seeing the famiglia and my little cat tommy. the furry bundle of joy. i'm a bit concerned that he isn't getting sufficient amounts of attention, either that or the smelly thing isn't licking himself properly so his fur was all clumpy, i gave him a good brush though which he loved.

it was strange going back to swindon and being in my old home, it reminds me of very nearly one year ago when i was extremely happy as i had just met jon, the weather was getting colder and phil collins was all i listened to.

one thing that never changes is my dad- his life is one ridiculous, cringeworthy scenario after another. too embarrassing to go into detail and things i wish my dad would not tell me for the sake of my own humility.

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