Friday, 24 October 2008

kerry katona, awww

i feel so sorry for kerry katona, seriously never cringed so hard when the pompous gits on this morning were laying into her implying she was an alcoholic. bless her.

anyway i have been so busy and have yet again forgot to update my blog. a boring day to day account is not in order, so yet again i will start from today.
actually lets start from the beginning of this week, when i attempted to get into work and fainted on the train. seriously- so embarrassing. being the centre of attention is like my worst nightmare, and i literally WAS the centre of attention, as in i had a crowd of people around me going OMG YOU OK?!
i soldiered on though. i just did a half day at work, my cough sounds like a small dog barking. a jack russell maybe.

i'm extremely happy right now as jon has his last show on the tour today and i have missed him alot. also pleased about the prospect of having a chilled weekend, just got my mum coming to see me on sunday and thats it! CHILL!

i really fancy a diet coke right now so i think i'll jog off to the shop.

ciao x

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