Saturday, 1 November 2008

no need for a title

It is absolutley freezing, and I love this time of year. The atmosphere reminds me of last year and how happy I was. But I don't think it compares to how happy I am now.

Halloween was yesterday - not one of my favourite holidays. Reason being, bad stuff tends to happen to me on October 31st ( previous scenarios being car crash, fireworks through the letterbox and police kicking in the front door). But nothing bad seemed to happen yesterday.

I learnt something new about myself though - apparantly I need to scan the room before I start talking, I did a hatrick with putting my foot in it yesterday.

Apart from that, and projectile vomiting on my own bed this morning, it went smoothly. Oh and me and Jon had an argument over the stupidest thing ever which ended in me throwing a kebab (key-bab) out the window, but we had a good laugh about that this morning.

I'm sitting here now not even thinking what I should write. Loneliness affects me in such a way that I dither around like a lost puppy and end up smoking ridiculous amounts out of sheer boredom, then remember I actually have a blog and that I should write in it, with the off chance that someone actually reads this. Although I have only actually been alone for a few hours and Amanda will be home in a minute but I am bored senseless.

I'll end this now with a quote of a quote from my favourite film;
How happy is the blameless vestal's lot, the world forgetting, by the world forgot, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, each prayer accepted, and each wish resigned.


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michael_peter_benham said...

damn straight it's a keybab! x