Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Day 26

Third day back of work after my terrible illness. And dear god do I wish I was still ill so I wouldn't be suffering from this terrible boredom.

Literally, I'm getting paid to be doing what I'd be doing at home (bar playing quick fire pool - i think it would be taking the piss a bit to play miniclip games at work) - sitting around listening to Saosin and talking on msn and myspace. For the past two days getting home of an evening all I want to do is have a bath and a cuddle with Jon and Vinnie.

Okay so payday is on Friday. But here is my dilemma. I have about £8. £5 of which I need to get to work tomorrow. Do I buy cigarettes and go hungry today, and hungry and cigarette-less tomorrow? Will I be that silly? Probably. A can of diet coke needs to be thrown into the equation as well.

After I get paid this weekend should be cool, going out for din dins with Faye on friday night. HOPEFULLY seeing some Swindon friends on saturday, if they come down. And shop shop shopping.

Little less shallow time now, I have been thinking about the past year and how crazy it's been. On Monday, it's a year since Jon and me started going out. I can't believe it. This time of year really reminds me of how happy I was then. Not that I'm not happy now, because I am. Stupidly happy.

Diet Coke and Cigarettes

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