Tuesday, 4 November 2008

november the fourth

long train journeys are awful. entertainment for my journey completely dissappeared today as my phone battery ran out and the book i was reading was not really any good. there was one copy of the metro someone had left on the train, me and some bloke both dived for it at the same time but he got there first. he could of been a gent really and said, here you have it. he looked like he was enjoying reading his metro and munching his burger king.

oh well. it took me nearly four hours to get home to london from swindon once again. something else that annoys me is how the queue in morrissons is always so huge?! it's hardly any good in there but better than our local co-op.

so me and faye were meant to venture to leeds today but plans fell through at last minute. a bit gutting but theres all the time in the world for road trips.

i don't think i have anything else to say, except amandas rendition of how to cure clamidia (sp?) "you go to the walk in centre and get a little PILLLLL". except in sing song.

ciao xo

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xsteffenx said...

Haha, it really is that easy!

Re-arrange a trip Sophia!