Tuesday, 18 November 2008


Oh god, so bored. Currently 9:51am, I've resided to Jade's bed while shes at work because I have been kept up since half 5 from Jon's coughing fits/ elbowing me/ nutting me in his sleep. Ironically, Vinnie who is the usual keeper upper is sleeping like a baby at my feet. Couldn't be bothered to watch Jeremy Kyle this morning.

Still ill which means I am still at home. I did something bad yesterday and got Scrubs series 3, since I was on my own all day and needed to cheer myself up. Oh and a Big Mac. Shhhh.

So I'm laying in Jade's bed (which is soo cosey), with Vinnie, a cup of tea, and Scrubs. And I have the curtains open so I can see how shit it is outside and be glad that the only reason I would need to leave the house is if there is a fire.

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