Friday, 20 February 2009

00:13 GMT

ahh i'm so bored. after arguing with the virgin media guy for a longggg time, after he spent 45 minutes not helping me whatsoever, i called back and the guy fixed the problem straight away. hello 20mb broadband! it enabled me to be able to watch the biggie film.
it was brilliant. i love when actors do amazing justice to some of the most influential people ever lived. joaquin phoenix as johnny cash and sam riley as ian curtis, two fantastic examples.

so work is getting me down and to cheer myself up, i have been reading a book which i got out of the library written by kate kray called 'the 20 worst crimes ever committed'. i'm joking, i'm not that sadistic, i'm reading it out of pure curiosity- not to cheer myself up- it's brutal.

i was thinking today about how things change so quickly. we found out yesterday that our house that we rent is going to be put on the market by our landlady (for an extortionate price might i add). we could be out of here in two months. it was christmas only two months ago, it seems like no time whatsoever.

speaking of time, i don't have time to be writing this. i have been out of my head exhausted for the past few days and i need to get some rest!!


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