Thursday, 12 February 2009


oh gosh, i can't believe it's 03:41am!! and i am actually having 3 good msn conversations. one about relationships with faye, sleeping patterns with sophie, and ash is telling me how he has been playing world of warcraft since 8pm (absolute nerd).

i have no idea why i'm up. i'm sitting in bed and thinking to myself, if i have fuck all to do tomorrow, i may as well sleep in til noon.

i think i'll go to the library and get some books out tomorrow. i spend too much time watching tv and being on the internet. i don't want to become some fat lazy cyber freak.

i'm highly dissappointed as i was supposed to see emily tomorrow. we go off to rome together, then don't see each other for nearly a year and a half! but alas plans have fallen through so all i have to look forward to is the fact ethan is coming round for late night chats and bringing clint eastwoods new film with him YES!

OH today i got signed up with an agency who supply tv and film extras and walk on's. this means you may see me on eastenders! i really would love to be able to sit in the queen vic. meet peggy. maybe phil.

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ash. said...

theres nothing wrong with being a cyber freak! :( xo