Sunday, 8 February 2009


i'm amazed at how long some people can sleep for. sophie stayed round last night and hasn't yet risen from her deep sleep in the sauna that is amanda's room. althought i just looked at the clock and it's 12:01, not actually that late.

okay onto the "important stuff". you know when you just really can't be bothered with something? i was looking forward to going out on friday, but when i got in from the city, i took a nap and amanda came in and went SOPH!!! (like it was a crime that i was having a sleep 8 hours before we were due to go out?!) being woken up from that made it increasingly difficult to hype up and get in a good mood for scala. so i didn't bother.
i watched paris hiltons british best friend. cringe and cringe some more.

my cat is making it hard to type right now. aside from what i can only describe as clinically BAD BREATH, he has to try and wriggle his way onto my chest which seems to be his favorite place to sit. and now he is licking himself.

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