Saturday, 21 February 2009

getting up and america

i should probably think about getting washed and dressed since it's almost 4pm and emily is coming round soon. i always love seeing emily, i don't see her enough these days. i really miss being 18, not having any worries about money etc, the only things we cared about was when heather and bryan were next going to france so we could plan our 'holidays' round emily's house.

i just watched bowling for columbine. i saw farenheit 911 and some other bits and pieces michael moore has done but this one blew me away. it really makes me wonder what grounds america use to base their loyal patriotics on. the americans are by far the most patriotic country in the world, yet bowling for columbine seemed to pinpoint every reason americans should want to flee. or at least live an amish existence.

i've been there a few times and i remember having to have photographs and fingerprints taken in new york. understandable seeing as it's been a city victimised by terror, but as michael moore proved, the americans invested millions in cia training toward osama bin laden; without that training would it of been possible for the terror attacks to be carried out?! it's a very political topic for those who have also seen zeitgeist and loose change.

this is a boring blog, i'm going to go and get ready.

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Gorilla Bananas said...

The CIA never trained bin Laden. Michael Moore is a big fat stupid liar.