Saturday, 10 January 2009

00:11, 11/01/2009

i have noticed that the most ridiculous things with the smallest insignifigance can give a leeway to a fair amount of bullying. i really can't be bothered to go into detail, i just find it so shocking.

it was the last facedown last night. such a good night spent with 4 amazing people, it is so refreshing to be around people who you know you are having a good time with because they genuinely want to be there with you.

(pics here)!

the night bus home is truly the worst part of going out in central london. there is always, ALWAYS a lot of black men, a large amount of singing and possibly gay sushi eating men using the top level of the bus to find a partner? i have seen this, i remember it vividly because amanda hates fish and the sushi was making her vom.

the walk from the bus stop was truly and literally numbing, my feet froze so much they were numb and i SWEAR it makes you walk weird. luckily it was 5am and no one was around to witness my bambi walk.

i'm pretty tired so i think i should go and join JT in bed.


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