Sunday, 4 January 2009

Does the word sniffles exist in any other linguo?

Sneeze count this morning is 4, oh dear god I better not be getting ill again. When I'm ill i sit in this shadow of self pity, sipping tea, watching scrubs, worrying about not being at work. I don't think it's humanly possible for me to be catching a third cold of the season.

Right now I could do with a McDonalds breakfast. But what is really in those McMuffin's...the 'sausage' looks exactly the same as the 'burger'. Do they just change the name as the day goes on, they flip those little boards around at 10:30am and the sausage becomes the hamburger? Whats the deal McDonald's? Explain the 'Egg' as well, it's not actually egg is it...come on...wheres the McEggYolk?

Since I failed to obide to the new years 'No Smoking' rule, I have decided on a new resolution. To think before I speak slash be nice. I don't think I'm not a nice person, I have completely grown out of disliking people because I don't like the way they stand or how they wear their eyeliner, I never post ridiculous things on myspace or facebook and I swear to god it makes me cringe unbelieveably that there are 17 and 18 year olds obtruding my bulletin board, posting things about other people, yet they are still too scared to actually mention the poor persons name they are talking about.

I am at the risk of rambling but just sneezed again.


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