Monday, 5 January 2009

the myspace fakers atrocity

It is known for ugly and fat people on myspace to stalk and steal other peoples photos, everytime someone tries to add me theres at least several a day who are fake. They will sit in my inbox and rot.

I couldn't give a damn about how other people choose to live their lives, but what really irritates me is how I am in my 20's now and I am still harrassed, so are my friends.

So here is an interesting story. This one girl, who lives in America (aren't most of them silly americans?) has stolen photos from my myspace, is luring an internet boyfriend she obviously hasn't met into her fat clutches, and manipulating innocent myspacer's into thinking shes a genuine californian girl.

Obviously shes not and she needs to get a life. This is her:

She has created this character under the pretence of being a 'sister' to who she actually really is which is:

Maybe the fact she looks like donkey from Shrek is why she feels the need to create a different persona?

To make herself look that bit more real, she is also pretending to be some of my real life friends:

And by commenting herself, for example:
devon sayss;

5 Jan 2009 04:11


im cold, bring me a heater blanket BITCH!

im seriouse.
i dont wanna get outa bed, cuz the hardwood floor will freez my tosies off!
so come up stairs and cuddle with me.
im sooooo cold.
and im bored,
wanna watch CSI?
cuz I DO SO BAD!

come upstairs brat!

Clearly the only person who would want to cuddle with her and watch CSI is her imaginary alter-ego.

I don't know whether to laugh at these people or feel sorry for them.


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xsteffenx said...

My gosh, the length some people go to us unreal huh haha !