Sunday, 18 January 2009

'96 bonnie & clyde

i had a little nap today, i woke up and carried on with life generally forgetting about the concept of time, then discovered it was actually 7pm when i thought it was about 10. so now it's 8:36pm and i still feel really confused so i'm listening to a bit of gangster rap trying to find something interesting to do.

good weekend, new job is going well, saw le rents on friday and had a good old pollo salad from pizza express - seriously amazing try it if you haven't pizza express is definitely not all about the pizza. literally chilled all day yesterday watching films and discovered amanda makes strange noises when she sleeps and wondered to myself why i have not noticed this before.

my 'one sentence' film reviews - pineapple express; okay but not THAT funny if we're being honest. adulthood; seen that before and it was obviously exactly the same the second time round. meet joe black; totally old school and totally bollocks but two loves for anthony hopkins and brad pitt.

all i've done today is strolled into wimbledon and dyed my hair a darker colour. not that exciting. also realised i love notes..finding a little note is much better than getting a text or email. i have a box full of them, i wish i could scan them on here for other people to enjoy/laugh at/be annoyed that they don't get awesome notes.

love life xo

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