Wednesday, 21 January 2009

HEEEYYYY it's waffle time it's waffle time

nothing to do with waffles whatsoever but i made an omelette earlier. yes i had to ring my nan to ask how to make it and yes i am completely kitchen retarded. siiick omelette in the end though!

jon left for tour today which is sad times for me because i have no one to snuggle in bed, apart from the cat but he tends to get up at stupid times and start playing with my feet or scratching the door. grow up vinnie, you're 5 months old for crying out loud.

this weekend should be heaps of fun, seeing kris roe with ethan on friday (the ataris woot woo!) in camden, then off to fayes on saturday for pre drinks, then super mega celebratory 21st birthday times in reading on saturday night, crawling back to fayes after hopefully very drunk and very late.

no work til monday sounds awesome as well!!


shut up iris. i'm 21 and i can breathe and run perfectly fine. i know oap's who have smoked all their lives and are healthier than you. i don't know who you are but maybe the fact you are 'so fat your cereal bowl comes with a lifeguard' is what makes you incapable of breathing and running, give up the supersize instead of the marlboros'.

that said i still don't intend on buying another packet of cigarettes for a while. not because i'm iris, because i'm so skint i have never wanted to convince my dad to invest in my will it won't it work business plan more.

i had to edit this post as i was halfway through it when ethan and faye came round to chill, i just looked at the time and it's 2:42am eeek. scrubs and bed.


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